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In 2013 I participated in the poetry contest by North Sea Poetry with the theme 'Ik ben niet van het stille strand' (I'm not from the silent beach). My poem 'Herinnering' (Remembrance) did not catch a price. 

I also write poems in English, the following is a poem I wrote out of nostalgia. It is about a cartoon series I remember seeing when I was a child. That series made an enormous impact on me, The Transformers (Generation one).

Until all are one - The Ballad of Optimus Prime

I (prologus - emergo ex machinae)

Once there was a race of bold and wise

Automobiles and aeroplanes

Transformers, robots in disguise

More then meets the eyes

In the fastness of space lays Cybertron

Their planet, once triving with Energon

Over nine billion years agao

there was born 'Megatron'

II (pax transformis ad criminalis)

Pretending to storage his stacks

Megatron led the attack on Orion Pax

Orion reached his hand in friendship

While Megatron shot the place to wracks

The body of faithful Orion

Was broth before Alpha Trion

In the streets there was panic and despair

Could Alpha Trion make his repair?

III (heres Orion Pax)

For Orion Pax there was morn

At the time the Autobot leader,

Optimus Prime, was born

Ready to stop Decepticon scorn

From the Cybertronian wars this hero arose

To accept the Prime ancestry for those

He would lead and defend

he was reborn to understand

IV (terra nova)

With Cybertron deprived of energy

Decepticons forced them to flee

In a single ship they went

On Earth would be their final stand

With little care for humanity

The Decepticons sought power endlessly

The Autobots bravely fought

At al costs Megatron must be stopped

In order to stop Megatron's destructive cry

The Autobots paid in the end a heavy price

In a big battle on Earth, the battle for Metroplex,

Optimus Prime, willing to save, gave his life

V (nostrum horalis)

Megatron, instrument of destruction,

Tricked Prime through vile seduction

One shot at close range

Never gave him any change

But Prime shot back

and both lay cracked

The Decepticons fled

The Autobots where left deeply sad

The Autobot healer did all he could

But Optimus Prime understood

His life was outlived

Ultra Magnus received his gift

VI (nova rectionis)

Ultra Magnus led on

In the was against Unicron

Whom created Galvatron

From the remains of Megatron

To light their darkest hour

Hot Rot unleased the matrix' power

Even though Ultra Magnus was Optimus' first choice

The times of Rodimus Prime now arose

VII (ad tempus)

Now they tempered with Optimus' dead body

To teach their former slaves some hard lessons

The retake of Cybertron

Would be revenge for the Quintesson

Optimus Prime, even in darkness

Bravely fought the madness

Sacrificed himself in the end

Again Autobots dealt with sadness

Humans salvaged the body of Optimus Prime

Intending to perform a trerrible crime

Spores of hatred spreading throughout the univertse

Who could save them in time?

IX (roboratus)

In terrible need Autobots took heed

A Quintesson was whom they meet

Could the Quintesson work against time?

In the end he did a good deed

Optimus Prime, was reborn

Ready to once again stop Decepticon scorn

Until all are one, he would lead and defend

he was reborn to make a last stand

There dawned a new age for Cybertron

Not to be spoiled by a evil Decepticon

For some time there was peace

Until history once again repeats

© 2013 Jeroen van Luiken Bakker

Latin translations:

prologus - prologue

emergo ex machinae - rise from the machine

pax transformis ad criminalis - peace transforms to crime

heres Orion Pax - heirs of Orion Pax

terra nova - new ground (soil)

nostrum horalis - darkest hour

nova rectionis - new leaders

nostrum historea - dark history

ad tempus - at the right time

roboratus - strengthened

The poem presented here is a English translation of the Dutch original 'Maandagochtend paniek'. This is not the final version which will be pulished in the currently underdevelopment bi-lingual translation of 'Verloren uurtjes'. 

Monday morning panic

The silence in my head abruptly ends

The day dawns

 Millions of impulses touch the corners of my brain

The first thought of today

Proclaims it self

“damn I’m a life”

The day begins…

End the wakeup call, no

“snooze” for a wile

(to late) out of bed

Feeding cats

Get dressed


Eat and out the door

Oh yea, what do we do …

Grap my bag

Check my agenda

Close my door

Did I grab my keys?

Turned off the lights?

Forgot anything I need?

O my, I still need to eat

Self-control slowly returns

My thoughts grow empty and then suddenly

Out of the blue, cycling on route,

Almost too long on the road

It dawns to my conclusion

That only Sunday had

Just begun…

© 2012 Jeroen van Luiken Bakker